Beginners Guide To Plant Based Diet For Women: By N. Steele RN, BSN,MPH


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Women are often predisposed to certain illnesses that can be life-altering. Both physical and mental health are affected tremendously. The type of food consumed can have negative or positive effects on the body. Over the years of interacting with women with various health issues, I've discovered that hormones plays a key role in the healthy balance of the body. Some conditions that are triggered by an imbalance of hormones include endometriosis, fibroid, and cancer

What Is A Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet incorporates plants as your source of food. This includes whole grains, nuts, fruits vegetables, and cold-pressed oils like coconut or olive oil.

Including a plant-based diet as part of your lifestyle can be beneficial. It has been known to be lower in calories and saturated fat and high in fiber. The type of food you eat has a direct impact on how the body is able to convert carbohydrates that is needed for growth ad development.

A common misconception is that if you transform your lifestyle to a plant-based diet you will become deficient, however, persons who are plant-based eaters are known to be highly sufficient in essential nutrients as there are fitness trainers and bodybuilders who are living the lifestyle.

Effects and Benefits

Weight management:

For women who want to control their weight, a plant-based diet can be an effective approach. It often consists of foods that are high in fibre and naturally low in calories and saturated fats. This combination decreases the chance of overeating by encouraging feelings of fullness in addition to aiding in the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Heart Health: 

Diets based primarily on plants have been associated with better cardiovascular health. Women can reduce their intake of cholesterol and saturated fats by eliminating or drastically limiting animal products, especially red meat and high-fat dairy. As a result, this lowers the chance of heart disease, which is the main cause of death for women.

Hormonal Balance:

Plant-based diets are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and phytoestrogens. These substances can support women's hormonal balance regulation. For example, phytoestrogens, which are present in organic soybeans, may help with menopause symptoms and reduce menstruation pain.

Bone Health:

For women to keep strong bones, they must consume enough calcium. Although dairy products are the traditional source of calcium, there are plant-based alternatives that can be just as beneficial, such as organic homemade tofu, leafy greens, and plant-based milk. These foods are high in other vital nutrients, such as vitamin K, which is important for healthy bones, in addition to calcium.

Digestive Health:

A plant-based diet's high fibre content helps to improve digestive health. Fibre helps maintain a healthy gut microbiota, encourages regular bowel movements, and lowers the risk of constipation. A healthy digestive system can help women with typical problems including irregularity and bloating.

Cancer Prevention:

 Antioxidants included in some plant-based diets can help reduce the chance of developing certain cancers. Fruits and vegetables, especially those with vivid colors, contain vitamins and phytochemicals that protect cells from oxidative damage. A plant-based diet that includes a range of these foods can be a crucial first step in the prevention of cancer.

Mental Health:

Although it is not unique to women, mental health is an important component of general well-being. Eating a plant-based diet, particularly one high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, may improve mood and lower the chance of developing depression. These foods contain nutrients including antioxidants, magnesium, and folate, which help to support mental wellness.

How To Get Started With A Plant-Based Diet 

To get started on this path, it is important to be willing to change your lifestyle. Switching to a plant-based lifestyle may seem impossible, but with time, you will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen for you and your family to utilize your creativity. Your grocery shopping Is going to change as you become aware of the different food groups incorporated into your diet. These will include grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Tips For Success In Plant-Based Diet

To be successful during this change in lifestyle, you can start preparing your meals a week in advance. When you prepare ahead of time, you will be motivated for success.

Choose a day during the week to shop for groceries. Sources include farmers' markets or supermarkets. It is important to note that organic food would be ideal, however, if that is difficult to attain then the fruits and vegetables can be washed in water mixed with vinegar or lemon.

Always soak your peas and beans the day before. This eliminates excess gas that may make you feel bloated after eating.

 Seasoning, seasoning, seasoning. This is the key to making your food taste delicious. Try to use herbs as a seasoning as the most pre-packed seasoning will have fillers and other chemicals such as MSG.

Common Questions About Vegetarian Lifestyle

Some may ask. Is there is a difference between a plant-based and vegan diet?

 There was a time I actually thought they were the same. After all, they both include fruits and vegetables right? Well, there are slight differences between the two. While a veganism lifestyle comprises of abstaining from meat as well as not harming animals for the profit of clothes or other products used. A plant-based lifestyle focuses on consuming whole grain, fruits and vegetables, legumes and mostly consuming a clean diet.

What are some of the proteins from plant-based sources? 

Plant-based sources for protein would mostly include legumes. There are a variety of peas and beans that are nutritious for the body and help in building strong bones.

What are some of the legumes used in a plant-based diet?  

These are :

Garbanzo beans

Kidney beans

Black bean

Black-eye peas


Adzuki beans

Fava beans

Lima beans

Split peas 

Last Thing You Need To Know About Plant-Based Diet.

A plant-based diet can be beneficial to the body, it helps in reducing various conditions in women and can be used as a lifelong lifestyle for both your physical and mental health.


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