natural remedies

 Do you suffer from symptoms of poor lifestyle choices? There are many environmental, nutritional, and physical factors that may contribute to this problem. Stress can also be a major factor and being spiritually strong can be the beginning of a well-balanced state. In my resource library, you will find various information to assist you in planning or tracking your habits to steer you in the right direction to better health.
There are 8 major pillars that are vital for your health:
  • Sunshine
  • Optimum Sleep
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Physical Exercise
  • Water
  • Temperance
  • Fresh air 
  • Trust in God
Therefore, having the tools to identify the right approach to monitor symptoms that you may be experiencing and knowing how to correct them is a good start to balanced health. Free resources included are:
  • Herbal Remedies recipes
  • Wellness balance guides
  • Lifestyle Disease Guides
  • Spiritual health reflective notes
  • Trackers 
  • Planners