How To Take Charge of Your Colds, Flu, and Lung Infections

Herbal Remedies
 Top 45 Herbal Remedies is a book that not only contains herbal remedies for colds, flu, and lung infections but also teaches you how to take charge of your health naturally. This book will show you how to get rid of colds and flu fast the natural way. It will teach you the best way to use herbs during the seasonal flu season so that you can recover quickly. Contained here is detailed information on each herb including scientific names, common names, parts used, preparation methods, dosage information, and plant origin.   

A Bible Study Guide on God's Statutes, Commandments and Judgments

Learn the importance of God's statutes, commandments, and judgments, important tools for today.

Imagine being able to get your questions answered through studying important aspects of the bible. The statutes were important for the Israelites as God gave them through Moses so they could live the life that God intended for them. Are these important for us today and how can we receive the blessings that are promised to us through the statutes, commandments, and judgments?

Prayer Journal for Women: A bible study book for  women 

prayer journal

Meditate on God’s words daily while praying for a renewed heart!
Prayer Journal for Women

Imagine being at a spiritual group prayer meeting and not being able to put on paper the devotional thoughts being discussed or the list of items to pray for. Having a prayer journal can help organize your thoughts and prayers so that when you are praying whether individually or in a group nothing is missed. Being able to meditate on God’s words and reflect on how he brought you during the week can strengthen your close walk with him. Having a prayer list and petitioning your prayer before God can strengthen your faith.

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